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About Us

Our School


Milestones Preschool is a unique, home based learning environment, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We are licensed by NYS as a group family daycare but run our program as a traditional preschool.

We provide a loving, caring, and safe environment with an emphasis on child-centered, hands-on, play-based learning with an age-appropriate curriculum. We have a consistent schedule, seasonal and interest-based activities, and everything we do promotes learning in a fun and enjoyable way. We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. 

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Our Location


Milestones Preschool is located on the Upper West Side in a family-owned townhouse on 74th Street, across from Riverside Park. The school is run out of the director’s spacious, child-safe, apartment. Since the director is the owner and landlord, we have a wonderful environment both inside the school as well as in the building.

The classroom has large windows which let in natural light. We have a “garden” in the front of the building and each spring, we plant flowers and watch them grow all season long.

We have a security code for entry into the building as well as security cameras for safety. 

Our Philosophy


We believe that preschool should be a warm, fun, and loving place where your child feels safe, where your family feels welcome, and is a place that your child wants to be. We take pride in being in-tune with your child's needs, emotions, abilities, and interests. We feel that a child's first introduction to a separation program sets the tone for a love of school and learning.

Children are natural learners and can achieve and succeed at any age. We strive to make learning fun, and everything can be a teachable moment. There is a balance of free play, guided activity, and group play.

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